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Coir Geo Textiles

Coir Geo Textiles

Coir is woven into thick textiles which are applied like blankets on the ground in erosion prone areas. Geotextiles made from coir are durable, absorb water, resist sunlight, facilitate seed germination, and are 100% biodegradable.

Environmental benefits

Our Coir geotextile material is a widely used to overcome the problem of erosion. When woven into geotextiles and placed on areas in need of erosion control it promotes new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing top soil from drying out. We Supply of Natural Coir geotextiles have a natural ability to retain moisture and protect from the suns radiation, natural soil it provides good soil support for up to three years, allowing natural vegetation to become established.

Mass / Unit Area, g/m2 Min 400 700 900
Mesh Size, mm, Max 200 X 16.75 7.50 X 7.30 4.2 X 5.1
Length 50 m or as required
Width, m, min 1 m or as required
Thickness at 20 kPa, mm, Min 65
Color Brown & Natural
Roll Size GSM 40 HQ Container
400 24000 SQ Meter
700 14000 SQ Meter
 2m X 50m and 3 m X 50 m 900 13000 SQ Meter
Roll Size GSM 40 HQ Container
400 14000 SQ METER
700 11000 SQ METER
2m X 50m and 3 m X 50 m 900 9000 SQ METER
All Rolls Packed in HDPE Bags